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Daddy Long Legs

We surprise each other in the tall grass and strawberry patch.

Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs

These guys have a bad reputation for being poison spiders. They aren’t. Daddy Long Legs aren’t even spiders and they do not have sacks that contain poison.

Even though they don’t have poison sacks they are capable of warding off predators by giving off a very offensive odor.

Daddy Long Legs tend to eat soft, small insects as well as sucking decaying plant and animal matter. They live in forests as well as fields. Find them on trees as well as the ground.

Size: One body segment about 1/4 inch in length with 2 eyes on top of head – Eight very long, spindly legs several times longer than their body
Color: Black/Brown/Cream & Brown Striped
Distinctive Features: Two eyes on top of head – projects an offensive odor when threatened
Life Span: 1 – 2 years
Web: Not a web builder
Temperament: Not Aggressive
Bite: Non-Poisonous & Rare – Very weak jaws
Prey: Insects, decaying animal matter, decaying plant matter

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