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What Is It?

Worm composting, or vermiculture is a quiet, nonchalant approach to composting on an urban farm!
Worm poop is a gardener’s best friend! Worm castings amend the soil and add nutrients at the same time. Use as a soil amendment and feeder. Make worm tea to use as a quick feed liquid fertilizer!
For centuries rural farmers used red worms to compost healthy materials for their gardens. Simple walls were constructed using almost any material to surround outdoor piles designated for compost adding eager red worms to eat the garbage to process into worm castings.
Today urban friendly, apartment sized, worm composters are being welcomed into the homes of city farmers everywhere. They are self sustaining, simple to maintain, odorless and dependable.

Red Wiggler Worms

“Because not all worms are the same.”

Red Wiggler, or compost worms flourish in conditions that are unfavorable to other worms. Their love for decaying and rotting matter make them superior partners in the vermicomposting process where soil loving worms would not survive.
Farmers have always favored redworms as partners in the composting process.

*Other common names for compost worms: Brandling worm, Tiger worm, Red Wiggler worm, Red worm