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Mulch as a Splash Guard

So, if you read my page about mulch, you should have discovered the basic description and idea behind its use. Here is yet another way to use mulch just like I did this morning.
Yesterday I placed planters on the patio of my apartment building. Some spinach, spearmint, and lemon thyme. Usually I cover the soil with salt hay. It prevents the soil from splashing out and coating the siding and floors with muck. It also deters my visiting squirrel from burying his treasures in my planter. I was very busy and went about my other chores, never considering the rain that was due to fall overnight.
When I woke up this morning to check on my crops there was mud yuck splashed here and there. Unfortunately my salt hay stash was empty. Not wanting to create dismay with my landlord or neighbors I rushed to my stash of dried mulched leaves from the previous autumn’s harvest. I like to cover the worm community with these from time to time. Needless to say I stood in the pouring rain covering the soil with the leaf mulch and all is good. As for my little squirrel buddy, I think he may also enjoy the leaf mulch…..

Urban Farming? Any splash guard recommendations?