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Worm Composter – How To Make

To make your own worm farm use two dark colored food safe plastic bins. You choose the size. I used two 8 gallon bins.

Step 1: Bottom: Drill 1/4 inch holes consecutively from one end to the next, continue all the way across and down until the bottom is covered with holes.
Sides: Drill ventilation holes along the top edges.
Cover: Drill ventilation holes in ONE of the covers.

Step 2: Make-A-Stand: Try to use recycled material, all the same size, to make a stand. This will be used to set the bottom bin on top of. You will need 4 sturdy blocks or something that will function as such. Hint: I used four glass blocks, all the same size.

Step 3: Pour: a shallow amount of water in a bucket.
Shred newspaper into about 1 inch pieces setting them in the water to moisten.

Step 4: Wring: the newspaper pieces out and place them in one of the bins. Fluff.
Hint: Worms need grit to digest their food. I’ve tossed in some mulched leaves and a hand full of dirt and other times I’ve added coir. Whatever keeps the little charms content!

Step 5: Assembly: Place the bin cover WITHOUT the holes upside down on the floor. This will serve as the final catch for liquid (leachate) and castings.
Place the stands in each corner on top of the cover.
Place the bin without the bedding right side up on top of the stand.
Stack the bin with the bedding on top.
Place the worm bin in an area with a temperature range between 40 & 80 degrees.

Step 6: Add Red Worms:
Not all worms are alike. Red Wriggler Worms are high performing, very dependable worms who thrive on garbage. They live toward the surface of the soil. Not all worms thrive on garbage. Not all worms can live in mere compost.

Step 7: Feed the Worms:
Feed worms a well rounded diet of non-dairy, non-meat foods.
Hint: Place the food under the cardboard from Step 8 below. This prevents attracting fruit flies.

Step 8: Tuck Them In: Cut a piece of cardboard to lay over the complete worm community. Worms appreciate coziness.

Step 9: Worms like to feel secure: Place the bin cover WITH the holes securely on top.

*This method is referred to as “Vertical Vermiculture”.