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Garden Spiders

So many times I’ve nearly backed into it’s very large web.

"garden spider"

Meitzke / Pixabay

These poor sited easy-going predators hang upside down in the middle of their delicately woven webs. Garden Spider webs are strong & can reach larger than a foot in diameter. Garden spiders hang, waiting, reading, every vibration that contacts their web. It’s their strong sense of vibration that detects a catch and their intricately woven orb web that holds it while the Garden Spider wraps & liquefies it. Unfortunately these beneficials catch other beneficials as well as garden pests too.

Garden Spider’s like wooded, leafy landscapes.  Plant stalks, woody, twiggy, branches are all good for building webs. They enjoy living near gardens or wherever potential food & web building requirements are possible.
Size: Males 4mm – 8 mm & Females 10mm – 13mm
Color: Black/Brown, Pale Yellow, Black
Distinctive Markings: Cross-shape marking on abdomen
Life Span: 1 – 2 years
Web: Large, Extremely Strong, Orb Pattern mostly found in open areas
Temperament: Not Aggressive
Bite: Non-Poisonous & Rare
Prey: Insects

Garden Spider – Beneficial – Sustainable – Predator

Urban Farming?  Got Garden Spiders?

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